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6 reasons to shop small this Small Business Saturday

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Saturday 2nd December is the 5th year of Small Business Saturday, a campaign designed to support the small businesses that make up the backbone of our economy in the UK, responsible for much of the innovation and passion on the high street and hidden away up and down the country.


Small Business Saturday is a day to celebrate our small businesses by trying to #shopsmall and #shoplocal when you’re doing your Christmas shopping, even if it’s only on that day. Not convinced? Hopefully these 6 reasons why you should shop small this Small Business Saturday might help. We certainly appreciate every order here at Green&Blue, as I’m sure many of you who have ordered from us before well know.


Reason 1.
When you shop small or shop local more of each £1 you spend goes into the local economy. Research has shown that small businesses put 63p of every £1 spent back into the local economy compared to 40p from bigger businesses.


Charlie and chris from Green&Blue for small business saturday


Reason 2.
You can generally find something much more quirky and original when you shop with a small business, something different that someone has put heart and soul into designing and making. Something that’s built to last and not to head straight to landfill and something that will delight a recipient because they won’t have seen it on every high street.


Gavin with bee bricks from Green&Blue


Reason 3.
You’ll be fostering innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit! Small businesses can be quick to react to what is happening in the market as generally they are both designer and maker, so feedback can be responded to promptly, new products tested and bought out quickly – less slowboat from China to deal with. At Green&Blue we love to hear feedback and use this to help us grow and develop the range.


Reason 4.
Local employment. Small Businesses create local employment and generally pay better wages than larger chains, and provide a nicer working environment. (like slacklining at lunchtime!)


lunchtime slacklining at Green&Blue


Reason 5.
Customer service. There are exceptions but on the whole Small businesses care so much about every order and every sale that they will work tirelessly to make sure that customers are happy. At Green&Blue a happy customer giving us feedback genuinely puts a spring in our steps, we share that news over lunch or a cuppa and all feel a warm glow, because each and every customer and their experience with our range means something to us.


Reason 6.
You’ll feel good and the Small business will feel good too! You’ll be supporting the economy and our country, innovation, job creation, working conditions and more. And as we said each and every order means a lot to a small business. There’s a saying about doing happy dances when you get an order, we might not do a happy dance exactly but we certainly have some high fives here at Green&Blue when it’s been a busy weekend on the website. When products that we have designed and that we make get bought by customer’s around the world, well that’s a pretty special feeling.


tarka from team GReen&Blue on small business saturday


So thank you for supporting our Small Business and hopefully those around the country.


Find out more about Small Business Saturday here



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