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Pioneering sustainability within construction

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Green&Blue have clear brief to bring innovative bee brick to a wider construction market


The end of 2016 saw the chancellor announcing a target for the construction industry of one million new homes by 2020. There is a clear need for new homes but with the sense of urgency to build them it is important that we don’t forget about biodiversity and sustainability. Building companies must be held to account when it comes to providing for wildlife and replacing habitat which can be destroyed on massive scales when developments are built.


loss of green spaces and plants like dandelions


Award winning, contemporary product company Green&Blue have developed a product called the bee brick, which is a nesting site for solitary bees. These vital pollinators face massive decline and part of this is due to loss of habitat as more agricultural land is turned over to developments and there are less green spaces and planting for bees. Bee brick is a simple way to create habitat in the very framework of a building and because solitary bees don’t produce honey or have a queen to protect they aren’t aggressive meaning they are safe to encourage around children, pets and people who are scared of bees normally.


solitary bee


“As a company we’ve given ourselves a very clear brief,” said Gavin Christman, co founder of Green&Blue. “We want to make a real difference to wildlife and we feel that by finding ways to work with the construction industry we have a real power we can harness to make a massive change. Bee brick is our starting point and we’re looking at more innovative solutions we can develop.”


bee brick to be used within construction


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