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Photo’s of bees – Solitary bees on bee brick

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With the first consistent spell of sunny, warm weather, well by Cornish standards anyway, we’ve been out taking lots of photo’s of bees! We treated ourselves to a new macro lens to help us capture better shots of the bee bricks in action and the finer details of these winged visitors. If you want to keep up to date with our nature photography, and more specifically our bee photography, then do find us on instagram or facebook where we’ll be posting regular shots.


red mason bee on a bee brick by green and blue


Capturing the solitary bee resting on the bee brick. We think this is a male bee who has emerged first from the nest and is now waiting for the female solitary bees to follow suit.


a full bee nest in a bee brick


Showing the full cavities of a bee brick, presumably the nests of red mason bees due to the chewed up mud/soil used to plug the cavity.


photos of bees breakdancing bee by green and blue


We think this one looks as though the bee is breakdancing, what more can we say?!


solitary bee at bee brick nest entrance by green and blue


bee brick with red mason bee approaching photos of bees by green and blue


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