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Thanks so much for visiting our website and we’re pleased you’re interested in bee bricks. Each concrete bee hotel in our range provides a nesting site for solitary bees, unsung heroes of the pollinating world. They can be placed individually in the garden to provide habitat for bees and they will make a stylish feature.


beepot at chelsea flower show with alitex


They can also be used within construction, in place of a standard house brick or block, creating additional nesting and resting places for bees in the very framework of the house. They have been designed as a fit and forget component made from a standard building material, concrete, but created with nature very much in mind. Solitary bees don’t produce honey and don’t have a queen to protect which means that they aren’t aggressive, most don’t even have a sting, so they are completely safe and indeed fascinating for children and pets.


bee brick in action by green and blue great british bee count


We developed bee brick because we want to see a real change for the bees, we need to see a real change for the sake of biodiversity. In parts of China pollination is already undertaken by hand as there aren’t the bees to do it, this is the future we face without bees.


bee bricks at chelsea flower show


You can start to be that change by using bee bricks in your building or simply within your garden. They can be built into new houses, extensions, retro-fitted, garden walls, anywhere you might be using bricks and blocks. So help save the bees today, use bee bricks, spread the word and do drop us a line if you have any questions or need any guidance on using our range.


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