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Handpicked by Kevin McCloud, hurray!

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Green&Blue, the innovative company behind the birdball birdhouse, are celebrating after being handpicked as Green heroes by Kevin McCloud for their award winning bee brick.




The company found out last week that Kevin had selected the bee brick as one of the best eco-innovations on the market and invited them to attend Grand Designs Live.


“We’re so delighted to be recognised by Kevin and the team at Grand Designs” said Faye Clifton, sales and marketing manager. “As such a well respected and influential figure in the industry it’s brilliant to be able to say Kevin McCloud backs the bee brick.”




Green&Blue will now exhibit within the dedicated Green Heroes feature at Grand Designs Live in October and will get the chance to meet Kevin and members of the press. (We’ll tell you about it afterwards and make sure we get some great photo’s of us posing with Kevin!!)