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New blue bee brick causes quite a buzz

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Cornish wildlife product company Green&Blue have come up with a brand new design to celebrate the launch of their storefront on multi award winning online marketplace Not on the High Street.




The company have taken their bee brick, which was the winner of the Soil Associations Innovation award last year and which has also been shortlisted in three prestigious design awards this year, and created a unique blue version, in a shade inspired by that used by Not on the High Street.




“Studies show that bees have a preference for blue as they see in ultra violet” said Gavin Christman, Co-founder of Green&Blue and designer of the bee brick. “Ensuring your planting is predominantly blue is said to encourage more bees into your garden and so we felt a blue brick could have the same affect and be even more enticing to a solitary bee seeking a nesting site.”

The bee brick is a revolutionary new product, which provides a stylish nesting site for solitary bees. The bricks can be used as stylish standalone bee hotels in the garden or can also be used in construction. Solitary bees are responsible for a third of all food we eat but are facing massive decline and a part of the problem is habitat loss. By using the bee brick we can all help to make a difference to the plight of solitary bees, and because they don’t have honey or a queen bee to protect they are non-aggressive and so safe to encourage around children and pets.




“We are really excited to be launching our storefront on Not on the High Street” said Faye Clifton, Sales and marketing manager. “We knew we wanted to do something special to mark the occasion and because we design and make the bricks ourselves we had some flexibility to experiment with colour. We’re delighted with the results and are hoping the bees will be too!”



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