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Powered by 100% green energy

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As part of our continued efforts to #beethechange and make our business the best it can be for people and planet, Green&Blue are delighted to announce that we are now powered by 100% green energy.

ecotricity new green jack logo

Working with the first ever ‘green energy’ company in the world, we were ‘buzzing’ to find a company whose values aligned so perfectly with ours. Ecotricity, founded in 1995, supply 100% green electricity and green gas and use customers’ energy bills to fund the building of new sources of green energy, referring to this as turning ‘Bills into Mills’ – energy bills into wind, sun and gasmills.

concrete manufacturing bee bricks powered by green energyWe already use 75% waste material from the Cornish china clay industry in our concrete mix for the range of Bee Bricks and Bee houses that we make and now our concrete is even greener due to our choice of energy supplier.


wind turbines by ecotricity green energy


If you’re looking to make little changes to reduce your impact on our planet then this is one to consider, switching energy suppliers is simple to do and the more of us that do it the more pressure there will on the ‘Big 6’ and Governments to look at energy sources.  making concrete bee bricks powered by ecotricity