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Beepot bee hotel and concrete planter

Beepot concrete planter and bee house


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The beautiful beepot bee house and concrete planter makes a great gift for any lover of nature who also loves their garden and cares about beautiful design. It is available in natural white concrete or in a stunning shade of charcoal, the two look brilliant together.

The Beepot is a bee hotel inspired by our award winning bee brick, only this time we’ve added a diner! The Beepot is a stylish concrete planter combining a safe nesting site for solitary bees with a space for perfect pollinator planting, meaning a food source for the bees is never far away. You could call it a Bee&B!

Solitary bees are facing massive decline, in part due to habitat loss. By using the Beepot in your garden, allotment or urban space you are helping the bees to continue the vital pollination work they do and they are also fascinating to watch and safe to encourage around children and pets as they are non aggressive.

Read more about making your garden bee friendly over on our blog here.



Currently only available for shipping within the UK. Please contact us if you are looking to order from outside the UK and we can arrange a quote for shipping for you.


The beepot is designed and made by Green and Blue in the UK.

Currently only available for shipping within the UK. Please contact us if you are looking to order from outside the UK and we can arrange a quote for shipping for you.


The beepot is made in Cornwall from cast concrete. Green&Blue use up to 70% waste materials from the China Clay industry in their concrete

225mm x 150mm x 152mm

8 kg (unpackaged)

The beepot should be positioned in a warm sunny spot, south facing, with no vegetation in front of the holes. Ideally placed at least 1 metre from the ground.

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The beepot has cavities where solitary bees, mainly leaf cutter and red mason, will lay their eggs, sealing the entrance with mud or chewed up vegetation. Offspring emerge in the Spring and begin the process of nesting again, repeating the cycle. The beepot features a planter to the side where you can ensure bee friendly planting means there's a vital food source for bees right on their doorstep.

Solitary bees are facing a dramatic decline in numbers due to disease, an increase in chemical use and habitat loss. The role they play in pollination accounts for around 1/3 of the food we eat and they are therefore a vital part of our environment. The beepot is perfect for urban spaces and places where there may not be alternative nesting sites for bees and is a beautiful concrete planter.

Solitary bees are harmless and will not sting you unless you squash them, even then their stings are not painful, meaning they are safe to encourage around pets and children.


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  1. Gill Richards

    I bought one of these lovely bee blocks and now have four holes sealed up with pieces of leaf, which I believe have come from a clematis which grows just feet away from the block and am so excited. Only one more hole available so the bees need to hurry up.
    I also bought a bee brick for my grandchildren in London and am visiting tomorrow so will see if they have had any success.

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